[X]Changing Perspectives: interactive system for participation processes

[X]Changing Perspectives is an interactive system that mediates multi-stakeholder discussions. By (re)positioning tokens with symbols on tracking tables, participants exchange viewpoints and they form a collective landscape. The realtime visualisation of the tracked token positions feeds the exchange of narratives and motivations between table-groups and broadens the insight into the public good. 



PRODUCT | 15 tracking tables, each with 6 interactive tokens, mediate constructive conversations

SERVICE | From invitations to script and evaluation session: [X]CP shapes the process from A-Z

SYSTEM | The real-time visualisation binds groups of 100+ participants together 



[X]CP   S E S S I O N

Participants associate with and (re)position tokens to create a collective landscape.

The realtime visualisation scales up the conversations towards an exchange of views between all 15 tables.

How can we realise the landscape of tokens? Participants dedicate action points to their landscape.

They take up action points for themselves, by plugging them into your name badge…

...or suggest action points for others- eliciting a discussion about roles and responsibilities in the multi-stakeholder issue.



For Researchers

The [X]CP system is developed as a platform for further research and development. Do you have ideas for features, studies or are you keen on collaborating with us? 

For Public Sector

The [X]CP system is available for public deliberations, multi-stakeholder sessions or participation processes. Are you ready to open up your processes to benefit from a constructive collaboration with stakeholders of the public good?

For Businesses

Even though [X]CP was designed for the public context, it's potential for implementation within companies is promising. Are you looking for a participatory format for vision meetings, reorganistion deliberations or strategy sessions?

For Moderators

Implemented in over 25 real-life sessions with clients from the public sector, the [X]CP service-system fits a demand in the market. Are you an experienced moderator, looking to expand your toolset? 



The [X]Changing Perspectives system is available for multi-stakeholder deliberations, strategy sessions, vision meetings, etc. Philémonne, the design-researcher, is happy to discuss the possibilities for implementing [X]CP in your situation. Feel free to drop her a message!

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